Friday, April 10, 2009

"TOO COOL FOR CATS" : The Weekend Mix"

Who doesn't love Squeeze? Often referred to as the heirs to Lennon & McCartney, Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook were responsible for some of the sweetest and smartest pop music of the 20th century.

The band has broken up more times than Paul Sorvino at an opera, and during their time apart, Tilbrook has made no bones about his passion for busking, which is captured brilliantly in the film "One More For The Road." Tilbrook just loves to play, often taking requests from his fans, and more often than not playing cover songs from everyone from The Beatles to Crystal Gayle.

This weekend's mix features a handful of those, most taken from one particular show at Largo in L.A..


Daydream Believer
Weather With You
Too Many Teardrops
The Dock of the Bay
Ticket to Ride
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes, Blue
Ticket to Ride
Always On My Mind

Glenn Tilbrook and his audience are having a great time and you will, too. But more than that, I think you will be amazed at his readings of 2 particular songs.


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cmealha said...

He was always one of my favorite guitarists as well. He was not the flashy player that people usually pick but everything he ever played was tasty and very melodic, like another vocal in the middle of a song. That little piece in Always On My Mind is great example. Nothing that will make you go wow but it's soooooo nice. Loved this version of the song as well as Daydream Believer. Makes you forget Davy Jones ;-) .... although there are similarities in their voices. Thanks once again for helping us find the good stuff that's out there.