Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010: Predictions, Hopes, Fears, OR How I Will Never Stop Worrying As I Wait For The Bomb

I can't get out of 2009 fast enough. I'm leaving skid marks, baby. I know it is technically leaving us, but 2009 was so bad, I watched "Imitation Of Life" the other night to cheer me up. Let me tell ya, 2009 was like the "Battlefield Earth" of years. This is not the place to air my dirty laundry, so I will just say, "Away with you, bad year!" and look forward, hoping that we are all graced with health, wealth, and happiness in 2010. Because if we aren't, I will seriously fucking kill someone.

As for the pages of Burning Wood, it is a thrill to know so many of you come back on a daily basis and offer comments and support for what I do. Money is good too, you know. But I do love the comments. The blogosphere can be a lonely world, and all of you have made it less lonely. Not sure what is in store for 2010. At the very least, it will be more of the same with as much music as I can offer without a law suit. Suggestions are always welcome, though I was thinking of a weekly series devoted to the largely overlooked output of the Little River Band. (Need to think that one through.)

AS FOR 2010:

I need a job. Can anyone pay me to do anything? I'm good at stuff. Really. I don't smoke. I hate Dane Cook. I'm never late. I buy the coffee in the morning. What more can I say?

Oh I know....

How about that long rumoured Paul McCartney/Elvis Costello collaboration?

How about a scaled down Rolling Stones tour with just the 5 band members and Chuck Leavell, in smallish venues, for less than $100 a ticket, where they play only songs up to and through "Exile On Main Street?"

How about I admit to absolutely loving the new John Mayer record "Battle Studies," and I get all of you sticks in the mud to appreciate great pop songwriting? (Developing...)

HEY YOU! Overrated, bearded, moody, psychefolkedelic indie artist, LIGHTEN UP, put on some shoes, and stop believing the hype.

I fully expect the debut release from The Electric Mess to absolutely explode and end up on everyone's 2010 Best Of list. You heard it here first. Check'em out, please at

See you all this summer at Jones Beach for the Chicago/Beach Boys/Moody Blues/America/Earth, Wind & Fire tour. (This has to stop. I hate Long Island.)

Here's hoping Williamsburg, Brooklyn loses its cool appeal and all the good music acts come back to Manhattan. Hey Williamsburg! You ain't nothing. Right, Sheepshead Bay? (Like anyone from Sheepshead Bay reads this blog.)

Faces reunion please. If for no other reason, it will stop Rod Stewart from making a record.

And to you, whomever is left at the major labels--here's an idea. Instead of making us buy what we've already bought over and over and over, how about looking out for the fans and the adults who would still actually buy a CD? Totally random example, though it is now 7 years old: you re-released Joe Jackson's Night & Day this time with a bonus CD of live tracks and b-sides for a $30 list price. Why didn't you release "The Night & Day Supplement" for $10.99, which is just the bonus CD? I am sure all you guys at UMG have the answer, but most of us don't care.

Anything to add, dear readers?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's double-whammy New Year's Eve mixes. (Hang in there, Charlie.)

And now, because I like you...

here is the entire HBO Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame broadcast, all ready for your iPods. 48 songs, 3 1/2 hours. (The ID tags are NOT mine. I can spell Dimucci. It was late and I wanted this up, so I left it as is. Just sayin'...) It's one long ZIP, so give it time, Jeff.

And fix your speakers, Chris.

See ya tomorrow for one last blast!



steve simels said...

Faces reunion please. If for no other reason, it will stop Rod Stewart from making a record.

Wish I'd said that.

Seriously, how bad was this year? Well, let's just say that in 2007 I remember contemplating diva du jour Amy Winehouse and hoping she wouldn't kill herself. And now, a mere two years later, I find myself contemplating diva du jour Lady Gaga and hoping I won't kill myself.

Thank you, I'm here all week. Try the veal...

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Sal. There's enough good music out there to keep us going.

Happy New Year


cmealha said...

Re: John Mayer
Don't you feel better now that you've come to terms with it?

itsok2beright said...

First, great picture, from a great movie...'you can't fight in here, this is the War Room!'

2009 will go down as the year of the clunker, in many ways, including music. Lady Haha!!! She wants to be Madonna, Alicia Keys and Marilyn Manson all in one.

Though, a few diamonds in the rough have come through. I started drinking the 'Arctic Monkeys' kool-aid. They seem to be maturing fairly well. I'm sure some other stand-outs will still be around in five years or so, but not many.

Sorry to say, i just can't deal with John Mayer. He always seems like he is afraid to hurt his throat when he sings. Come on Johnny let loose! Or Maybe, it's the Jennifer connection.

Looking forward to your best of everything for the year. And, I'll ignore the Sheepshead Bay reference.

Sal Nunziato said...

I already did my Best Of. SEE? You don't read. Friggin' Sheepshead Bay.

Re: John Mayer.
I know. I agree. BUT..this new record is just infectious. Really it is.

OldRockr1 said...

Jones Beach shows suck? You mean you don't want to see the same acts year of ter year for rediculous prices? Oh yeah, the shows do suck.

Also, I kind of like Williamsburg for a show. It's just as easy to get to as the Bowery...

Great blog by the way. Happy New Year!

Fishguy said...

Where can I get my "2009 was like the 'Battlefield Earth' of years"
T-shirt and/or bumper sticker?

Christine said...

Thank you for your sense of humor, Sal, as self-deprecating as it is sometimes! Always made me smile.

Christine said...

OH! And the music is great too! Many new discoveries! Another year, please.

matt said...

Sal, best of luck to ya in the new year...thanks very much for the Rock Hall stuff!

big bad wolf said...

sal, hang in there and thanks. is there a problem with your paypal link? i have tried to make a donation a few times and it always freezes up.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Big Bad! Paypal link is working fine. Got a donation yesterday.

big bad wolf said...

okay, i will try again. it may just be me.

charlie c. said...

Last thanks of 2009!

Rock on bro -- your time is almost come!

Sheepshead Bay News Blog said...

Yeah, screw Williamsburg. (PS - We are everywhere...)

Sal Nunziato said...

Awesome! Thanks for this. Looking forward to checking the blog, Sheepshead Bay.

(Lived on East 21st and Shore Parkway. I wasn't just taking a random shot at Sheepshead Bay.)