Thursday, September 2, 2010

Burning Wood Needs Your Help

In just two days, Burning Wood will celebrate its two year anniversary.

Thank you all! I think we've come a long way.

The daily readership is ten times more than it was a year ago, and the interaction is just wonderful. It's a warm feeling to see you participate, especially when I move you to do so.

The one thing I had hoped for from day one, but still has been as rare as hen's teeth, was outside contributions. Ideas for threads, concert reviews, book reviews, if you feel like writing it, I'll post it.

Another thing, please spread the word. If you like what you see, say so. Share the link on Facebook. If you have a blog and a blogroll, I'd be honored to be a part of it.

There is one more obstacle, though.

Also celebrating, or more accurately, closing out its two year anniversary, is my membership to the website that hosts all the music files that I upload for your listening pleasure. Now there are plenty of sites who offer their hosting and storage services for free, but along with that free service comes more complications: time consuming downloads with passwords, limits, less space for me (and you), and more annoying pop-ups for massage therapy and Zoloft. I have listened to many of you who are still afraid to download music, or who simply can't be bothered with the inconveniences of the free sites. By paying for space, your tunes, including the CD length "Weekend Mixes" are one click away.

So it is with great humility that I ask this, if you'd like all the music that is posted- the "Weekend Mixes," the rare live concerts, unreleased tracks by your favorite artists, old rare vinyl, etc.--to continue, free of charge with no loop holes (except this one), and you feel like showing your appreciation, click on the Burning Wood Fund Donation button and show your support.

The donation button, by the way, is all the way down the page, on the right.

No money is made from Burning Wood. (Really...nothing.) It is a labor of love that I hope to continue, as long as you'll have me. I just need some help. No amount is too small.

Thank for you reading and thank you for coming back, day after day.




Count me in.

I can't do too much right now but I figure I "owe" you a huge debt.

Mister PayPal should be dropping a few pennies in your cup on my behalf.

And maybe the next time I'm in New York I can buy you a beer.

Thanks again for all the music you have brought to my life (or reminded me was already there).



Anonymous said...


Likewise, I'm sure. I've gotta pull my weight, so I'll open the virtual wallet.

I'd only discovered you thanks to Steve Simels.

Of whom, my (50-year-old) friends and I were talking of Saturday.

Were it not for his 1977 Stereo Review sidebar of Richard Thompson's "Live (More or Less)", our lives would've literally been much poorer.

How -- I don't know. But, there you go...

anythingshouldhappen said...

I'll get on the case Salster, if she'll tell me where she's hidden my purse.

Coincidentally, I'd just been giving you a rah rah at our corner of the world.

I like this doing articles idea, can I be your roving Rush reporter?

Keep on keeping on.

You've already made me happy for the forthcoming week.

Sal Nunziato said...


I'll take that beer. Thank you for the support.

Many thanks to you, too. Simels is a good man.


Anytime you want to "rove report," you've got carte blanche.

The Phantom Creep said...

I'm in for a few shekels. Expect a visit via PayPal over the weekend....

big bad wolf said...

thank you, sal. it's only fair for us to chip in a bit. you run a great place. compared to most folks, i know about a lot of music. here, i learn about how much good stuff i don't know.

cmealha said...

C'mon you guys. You know who you are. The ones that are always downloading the weekend mixes or recording those rare live performances that Sal is always providing. If everybody gives back just a little we'll keep this little corner of music heaven rolling.

misospecial said...

I'm in. And you know I plug the site on facebook and collar my friends... I'm so glad you're developing a solid readership, both because Burnimg Wood is a fine steady light in the darkness that descended when nycd and so many other great record stores, and a way of life, disappeared and because it shows what a stubborn individualist can do in this wicked world.

DeepKarma said...

I've been reading your stuff for years, starting with your Altercation album reviews. For whatever reason, I crossed Altercation off my digital reading list some time ago. I can't tell you how happy I was to find your stuff over at Huffington Post and ultimately here at BW.

That jingle you just heard was my dropping a few shekels in the 'ol PayPal tip jar. As long as BW stays fun for you to maintain, I'll be here on this end loving every syllable of it.

PS I finally got around to picking up some David Egan last week, based on your recent post. I'm speechless. How did I make it to 54 without digging deeper into the New Awlins music scene beyond Dr. John, The Meters and the Nevilles? Galactic! Mem Shannon! Walter "Wolfman" Washington! C.C. Adcock! Now David Egan! I've discovered more incredible, little-known music the last two years then I have in the previous 20. Keep up the great work!

DeepKarma said...

PayPal update...those jingling shekels will be slightly delayed. PayPal and I are having a wee bit of trouble communicating.

Sal Nunziato said...

Miso and Deep,
Thank you very much. Kind words indeed. The kind of words that keep me doing exactly what I'm doing.