Thursday, September 2, 2010

Burning Wood's 2nd Annual Birthday Celebration Mixes

Two years ago today, I said some pretty nasty things about Brian Wilson's then new release "That Lucky Old Sun." It was my first post on Burning Wood and I am happy to say, both Brian and I are still here. More amazing is that you are still here. Thank you.

I also want to thank you for your support and donations this week. Feels good to know you want to keep this going. (Donation button is at the bottom, on the right. Just sayin'...)

Finally, I want you to know that I have tremendous respect for those of you who have respect for me and what I do here. Your comments mean everything. It means the world to see you participate and share your opinions. So for those who still haven't caught on, loosen up and have some fun. The "Serious Police" won't mind. Music IS important and there's nothing wrong with saying so. Something may be wrong if you're crankier than I am.

Well, enough of my yakking!

It's a holiday weekend, so let's listen to some music and have some fun.

I've got two mixes lined-up. As usual, they sound good when I'm making them, so I hope they sound good when you're playing them.


I think Sam Cooke's "Frankie & Johnnie" is the definitive version of that song.

Can anyone tell me who has recently covered The 5 Royales "Now Baby Don't Do It?" I know have it, but for the life of me can't find it.

I miss Robert Palmer, especially pre-MTV Robert Palmer.

"Daydreamin' Of You" gets my vote for Top 5 Most Creative Backing Vocals. "Shana Nana Whoa Whoa" indeed.

Eydie Gorme you say? Just listen. It's the best song at that type of song.

Just found an unofficial expanded version of "The River," that some genius put together in anticipation of the big "Darkness" box coming out in November. 48 songs, sequenced perfectly. That's how I rediscovered "Mary Lou."

First two, John Foxx led Ultravox records are still in heavy rotation since 1977.

Jeff told me about The Galaxies, then I told you. Now I'm telling you again. This song is gorgeous and the harmonies will make you plotz.

"You're in my hut, now!"


latin trip- latin playboys
reggae on broadway- bob marley
do right li'l lady- c.c. adcock
now baby don't do it- the 5 royales
mama said- nick lowe
things- dean martin
come go with me- dion
samba vocalizado- luciano perrone
i'll house you- the jungle brothers
sister midnight- iggy pop
tonight- the mc5
i can understand it- the valentinos
best of both worlds- robert palmer
daydreamin' of you- dreamers
something inside me- robert bradley
some love with soul- jim jackson
frankie & johnnie- sam cooke
jesus is going to make up (my dyin' bed)- pops staples
what did i have that i don't have now- eydie gorme
goodbye pork pie hat- pascal comelade


i love girls- jerry lewis
a solid bond in your heart- the jam
new girl now- honeymoon suite
rosalie- thin lizzy
mary lou- bruce springsteen & the e-street band
jessica messica- christopher holland
sweet talkin' woman- parthenon huxley
he could be the one- josie cotton
boys- the shirelles
no thugs in our house- xtc
sitting in my hotel- the kinks
ashes by now- rodney crowell
young heart- blanket of secrecy
clones- alice cooper
young savage- ultravox
whistle down the wind- nick heyward
hold me- stew lane & the untouchables
an ocean between us- the galaxies
under the ice (special version)- the nazz
my way- sid vicious



Have a great weekend!


steve simels said...

Under the Ice -- special version?

I love that song, and indeed ALL of the second Nazz album, but I'm puzzled.

Special version? In what way special? From whence does it derive?

Sal Nunziato said...

Ok, I'm a sneaky bastid! There is a 55 second, Bob Dylan intro from one of his radio shows, where he talks about Todd, Lord Buckley and The Nazz. I tacked it on because I could listen to Dylan talk about asparagus.

steve simels said...

Well, I was gonna download the mix anyway...

big bad wolf said...

dylan's radio shows were stunningly brilliant. the music was fantastic, but bob was better, well-informed about the tunes, full of anecdotes about the players, and smartly funny. i liked him much better on the show than the last time i saw him, which was 4 or 5 years ago, during which bob seemed to be playing the audience but not letting us in on the joke. it didn't seem to matter to most in the audience---it was BOB---but i was not amused. the band was great, but bob wasn't trying too often.

cmealha said...

You know what I love about these mixes is how eclectic they are. I mean who would think of putting in Eydie Gorme and the MC5 in a mix. I'd never listen to either of them but it's fun within the context of the mix. Like listenening to some bizzare free form FM station in the 70's. Love it! Love it! Love it! Always keeps me listening.

Meanstreets said...

Hook em' Horns........

Anonymous said...

If you think "Frankie and Jonnie"is good, flip over the 45 and listen to "Good Times" redone by The Stones and The Shakes at The Stone Pony in 1976

jeff kisseloff said...

Happy birthday to a fellow and his blog who make the world a better place.

allen vella said...

Congratulations BW, grab a look every Thank you for all your hard work, and awesome passion. That's what really comes through for me, even though I don't always like everything, I certainly like your convictions and shit!! See you in a few....

soundsource said...

happy anniversary, thanks for all the fun ?

Sal Nunziato said...

Uh...Soundsource, you're welcome?

FRANCIE said...

Happy Two Year Anniversary!

shadreck said...

Excellent. I love a good comp. Thanks.

soundsource said...

I had no idea that alice cooper and gary numan were the same person

steves said...

Happy anniversary, Sal! Thanks for all the good music and for making the Web a nicer place to visit.

Mozenator said...

happy Birthday, Burning Wood! Can't believe there's no Berryz or C-ute on the mix tho...;)

stewlaner said...

Edydie Gorme is an exceptional and unusual singer. Her Spanish albums were also fantastic.
Thanks for including my version of 'Hold Me' in your birthday mix 2.
I took my lead from P.J. Proby's version from 1965. Proby is a brilliant singer and charismatic performer. He took his lead from Billy Eckstine's version a decade or two earlier.
Stew Lane

Sal Nunziato said...

Never thought I'd hear from you. Thanks for the comment. I am an old friend of Marco Utano and Moey Rykala from Brooklyn, both of whom played on your record, I believe.

How did you stumble upon the mix? And what have you been up to?

Always dug the record. Love the Presley cover as well.

Thanks again.


stewlaner said...

It's been 30 years since I recorded 'Hold Me' with Marco Utano's help at A 1 Sound. Stew Lane and The Untouchables recorded two albums with only the first one released (Harder Than Wax).There are a few videos of the band on You Tube. Check out 'Perpetrator'.I followed Art (painting) as my main career. My web site is:
I had another band in the 90's called The Fudds (also on You Tube: check out, 'Three Beers')
I am still in contact with some of the members from The Untouchables: Steve Nichols, Brian Hargrove and a couple of others.
Let's know what Marco has been up to.

Sal Nunziato said...

Just sent you an e-mail, Stew.