Sunday, September 22, 2013

Songs Of The Week: 9/14-9/20

I Must Be High- Wilco
I Am Waiting- Ollabelle
They Don't Know- Tracey Ullman
Back In My Arms Again- The Supremes
Outbreak Of Love- Midnight Oil
Down Down The Deep River- Okkervil River
Don't Let Me Wait Too Long- George Harrison



Some of you pointed out to me that all zip files were in working order. So I got on the horn with LunarPages.  Here's some of what took place. I left out some technical information for security purposes.

Good Morning,
My site is
My user name is---
My name is Sal Nunziato.
I have spent hours now trying to get a straight answer from a number of your representatives and no one is helping me.
After 5 years of membership fees and keeping my account in good standing without abuse, all of my links were disabled. I was told it had to do with my "temporary URL." 5 years and suddenly, without warning, I'm shut down.
At the bottom of that page is a ZIP file, which was working until about 11:AM last Friday. Then, without warning it, along with every other zip on my site, was disabled.

I was told I needed to purchase a security certificate, among other things, and even if I did, 5 years worth of files would still be disabled unless everything was renamed and given a new path.

I decide to cancel and not move forward with LunarPages, as customer service is random at best and absolutely non-existent at worst.
A week later, I am informed by some of my readers, that my links are all working again. Everything has been enabled.

I called and spoke to someone again this morning and I was told "unfortunately, our administrators can do what they want."

Really?  Not sure about that.

I need a concrete answer, in writing, in proper English with complete sentences, telling me what's going on and how I should move forward. Your "terms of service" may state that you can do what you want with your site, but I'm quite sure it doesn't allow you to mess with mine, and that is what you're doing.
If all is as it was for five years, there wouldn't be a need to cancel. But if I go forward with another year and pay the fee, only to have LunarPages shut me down on a whim 2 weeks or 2 months later, then we have a problem.

Hello Sal,

Thank you for contacting Lunarpages Internet Solutions & Web Hosting. 

Before we can discuss account specific queries, for security purposes 
to confirm you are the account holder, please provide the following:

cPanel or Plesk username or the primary domain on the account:
Last 4 digits of the credit card on file:

This request is for security reasons only.

If you can not supply the last 4 digits of the credit card, please provide:

cPanel or Plesk username or the primary domain on the account: 
First and last characters of the password on file:
Your full postal mailing address:
Telephone number:


Shaibal Das 
Customer Service Representative
This can't be happening.
My domain and username are the first two things in the e-mail I just sent to you.
There is no credit card on file anymore.
Please get your act together.

Hello Sal,

Thank you for the information.

Firstly, let me apologize for any inconvenience and confusion caused.

To recap the issue, I refer to ticket------

I find that the main issue was not being able to access the zip files in your posts. 
I also find noted in the ticket that the zip files were accessable using the 
shared SSL of the server 
(example:----- Your account's shared SSL URL was

Yes, the shared SSL URL was available on all shared servers 
but recently we have disabled shared SSL on all shared servers 
due to functionality conflicts. As such, your zip files stopped being accessable.

It was suggested in the above mentioned ticket to change the path 
to normal path like instead. 
It was also mentioned that if you do want to keep a secured (i.e. https://) 
access to your zip files, you could purchase an SSL Certificate, 
either from us or from any other SSL Certificate provider.

Currently I find that the zip file mentioned by you on page 
is using a normal URL i.e. 
and not
As such, your zip files is downloadable again.

Having said that, I find not further note of changing of the shared 
SSL URL to norrmal URL in our records.

Hope I could explain. Please don't hesitate to update the ticket 
if you need further assistance. 


Shaibal Das 
Customer Service Representative
I'm sorry but I have to correct you on one thing. 
My  zipfiles have never been https:. Not once since October of 2008. They 
have always been-
ALWAYS. And yet all were disabled, and I was still told I need to 
purchase the SSL certificate. I was also told on the phone 
that this was irreversible. So where do I stand? 
Why would I have canceled a five-year relationship where everything 
ran smoothly if there were no issues?
Please explain this so I understand how to move forward.
I've done nothing different in five years. How do I trust LunarPages at this point?
Hello Sal,

Thank you for getting back to us.

I again apologize for any misunderstanding that may have happened in ticket #3000838.

As of now you do not have to purchase any SSL Certificate 
if you are not using any https:// reference on your website.

Having said that, I have forwarded this ticket to our server administrators 
for further review.

Please note that queue may have a longer turn around time for 
responses as the tickets there tend to require more in depth evaluations.

You will be notified when more information is available. 
Please don't hesitate to update the ticket if you have any further queries. 


Shaibal Das 
Customer Service Representative 

I need you to please answer these questions as simply as possible:

1) Why were the links disabled in the first place if I wasn't using an HTTPS URL?

2) If I were to begin uploading the way I've been uploading for the last five years,
 can you assure me all with work as normal?

3) Why was I told I needed to purchase an SSL ticket?

Thank you.

I have not heard back.

Zip files are working.

I have a headache.



"Hello Sal. Is there anything else I can help you with today?"

What a mess!

Thanks for fighting the good fight and thanks for these SOTW. As I said elsewhere,
that Tommy Keene cover of Ride On Baby is the song that took root in my head this week.


steves said...

Ah...the joys of dealing with off-shore support! I suggest taking a few aspirin as a precautionary measure.

In all seriousness, though, I just wanted to say that what you do here (headaches and all) is very much appreciated by others.

Best of luck, Sal!

buzzbabyjesus said...


Anonymous said...

Sal, I found this post more dramatic and entertaining than, well, any of the crappy shows currently available to me on TV.

You seem to have infinite patience, though, especially if you're thinking of giving these losers another chance.

Still, it hurts to lose all of your work and if you could go for another five years without any more foul-ups I suppose it might be worth it.

I hope it works out - just keep your back-up plan in place.

A walk in the woods said...


Real nice to see the return of the SOTW mix... I always thoroughly enjoy these. Thanks for trudgin' thru the IT/techie mud to bring us the MUSIC, Sal!!

dogbreath said...

A big cheer & many thanks for the return of the SOTW, nice to have it back! Keep on keepin' on; your blood, sweat & tears are not in vain!

charlie c. said...

Shaibal Das wants to connect with you on LinkedIn!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal, you are fighting the good fight for us all out here that appreciate your wonderful efforts and work in bringing great music to the masses