Thursday, March 19, 2020

Get Your Whiffs Right Here

I woke up to a message from a friend. It was two words.

"So good!"

There was a link attached and it took me to The Whiffs page on Bandcamp. Some coffee and a half hour later, I'm telling you about it.

The Whiffs are new to me. With one E.P. in 2017 and a full length titled "Another Whiff" in 2019, these Kansas City rockers serve up a healthy dose of harmony and hooks with a punk edge.  There are no bad songs on "Another Whiff." Think Tom Petty meets The MC5. Or, Early Beatles via The Jam.

This was just what I needed this morning, so thanks Mike!

The first vinyl press of "Another Whiff" has sold out, but a second press is available now.

Buy some music!

Musicians (and record dealersđŸ˜‡) need your support now more than ever.



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Fabio D. said...

Great band, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I was gonna write after that first song to say how much I love this, but waited in case it was just luck that the first one posted was so in my wheelhouse. But all three kick serious ass, and this album will be added to the list of must-haves I've gleaned off your blog. I love even the graphics -- that album cover looks like 1979, in the best way; in fact, based on the artwork alone, I assumed (til I read your write-up) they were a KBD band you were just hearing for the first time and wanted us to know about.
Thanks SO much!
C in California

Chris Collins said...

these are kinda great!