Wednesday, November 4, 2020

I thought I'd awaken with a bit of the heaviness lifted off of my chest and only a manageable headache compared to the blinding kind that I've had on and off for most of 2020. I thought I'd write a few brief sentences regarding the election, the pandemic, and Americans in general. Not all Americans of course, just the Americans who claim to love this country as long as you remove all that they hate about it, which includes, sadly, other law abiding, innocent hard working Americans who might look or sound or act a little differently than they do. Or have different beliefs. Or want what they are entitled to.  I thought I'd write just a bit about it all since, for the most part, I have kept politics off of these pages so that this would be a pleasant long as I don't write about jazz, reggae, heavy metal, Todd Rundgren, punk, electronica, Nine Inch Nails, ska, the Pet Shop Boys and New Orleans.

But then it hit me. I actually know people, some really well, even a few who I am related to, who are happy with the way things have been for the last four years. I know too many people who still laugh when I say things like, "But he said 'grab them by the pussy.'" They laugh. They laughed when he mocked the disabled reporter. These two things alone should have been dealbreakers, forget about the last four years. I know people who are apathetic to the countless abominations exhibited in the last four years, because it does not directly apply to them. I actually know people who still refuse to make the simplest sacrifice of wearing a mask. I actually know people who are just not affected by a number like 220,000 dead Americans because they just don't know any of those 220,000 dead Americans. But mostly, I am in a state of disbelief that even now...still...there was even a contest taking place last night. Still...people were undecided. Or worse, they didn't mind the last four years.

So, I decided to bag it and not write anything...except this.

And no. I don't feel better now, but fuck it. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.


cmealha said...

Let's hope for tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Politicians (and many, many, many Americans) have to stop blaming others and take responsibility for their actions. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

I hope I'm wrong.


M_Sharp said...

It's sad to have it confirmed that almost half the country supports an incompetent, racist, truly horrible human being who doesn't care how many more people die from the Covid. And they don't seem to care either.

Unfortunately, I've learned since Trump was elected that I have a few friends and family members in that group. Some are racist, some are religious anti-abortion types. They ignore the incompetence, lying, and corruption to focus just on the one aspect that appeals to them. Pro-life, but... the 230,000 deaths from Covid, lying about it, ignoring it to the point where the deaths are increasing, just like the experts he ignores said they would, just doesn't matter.

An hour ago I had a nephew tell me on Facebook that "Trump is the greatest President since Andrew Jackson", the Covid deaths were "mostly old people", and Trump "stopped Section 8 housing in suburbia". Then he said I had a low IQ.

I was optimistic that the majority of the early voters would give Biden a fairly easy win. Reality is unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

Per Wikipedia, about the Indian Removal Act. There is some similarities between Andrew Jackson and DT. The Trail of Tears

The Indian Removal Act was signed into law on May 28, 1830, by United States President Andrew Jackson. The law authorized the president to negotiate with southern Native American tribes for their removal to federal territory west of the Mississippi River in exchange for white settlement of their ancestral lands. The act has been referred to as a unitary act of systematic genocide, because it discriminated against an ethnic group in so far as to make certain the death of vast numbers of its population. The Act was signed by Andrew Jackson and it was strongly enforced under his administration and that of Martin Van Buren, which extended until 1841.

The Act was strongly supported by southern and northeastern populations, but was opposed by native tribes and the Whig Party. The Cherokee worked together to stop this relocation, but were unsuccessful; they were eventually forcibly removed by the United States government in a march to the west that later became known as the Trail of Tears.

Anonymous said...

You've said what I've been feeling much better than I could have. I'd love to share your words on my Facebook page (with proper credit) or at least provide a link to this thread. I won't without your approval, but hope you'll give the okay. I've been having this sense of dread and deja vu DESPITE what all those polls have been telling us. What I've been saying to myself is: never overestimate the intelligence of Americans and never underestimate their ability to disappoint. Each day has been "So what's one more gigantic lie?" and people are fine with that. Weary. I'm so so weary.

Sal Nunziato said...

The last straw for me deactivating my Facebook account was when they deemed my blog and/or its name or URL as inappropriate. I've written twice, as did other friends, and FB never replied or explained why. You are more than welcome to share the words, but you will be unable to share the link or blog plost itself.

Anonymous said...

"I know people who are apathetic to the countless abominations exhibited in the last four years, because it does not directly apply to them." Here's the thing: Everything TrumpleThinSkin does directly applies to them, because he is what the world thinks of as 'America' and he will go down in history as one of the people who ran this country -- like George Washington and Abe Lincoln. Admittedly, he will go down in history as an abomination, but he will still go down in history as someone elected by millions to be that abomination -- even when they knew ahead of time he was an abomination. Maybe they don't care that the world thinks we're a bunch of dumbfucks who would willingly -- at least half of us, anyway -- hand the car keys to a loudmouth drunk with no driving skills, but make no mistake about it, they are painted with the same brush that the world paints Adolf Twitler with. The sad thing is, they think that's not just OK, it's cool.
It started with Reagan -- the genial charmer who stabbed unions and the environment and minorities in the back while he plied his folksy grin. The Republicans saw they could proffer a 'regular guy' and people would fall for it. So they put up Quayle as VP along with a serious candidate (Bush). Then Bush Jr., an obvious dipshit they successfully sold as someone who "you would feel comfortable having a beer with" (I don't want my president to have time to hang out drinking beers, I want him/her too busy running this complex country to have the time for bar-hopping. Your kid's in the operating room: Do you want a surgeon who you can have a beer with, or the best surgeon for the job?). And then, a la Quayle, Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency if serious candidate McCain actually won. And then, of course, Trumpanzee. No shame, and in fact, an obvious disregard for this country in offering someone up who can win instead of someone with actual talent. It's the game plan with few exceptions since Reagan pulled it off. Whether one agrees with the Democrat candidates in all that time or not, one can't deny they were all serious people with demonstrable intelligence.
I cannot fathom, after the disaster of the last four years, after the obvious crookedness, after the quarter-million-and-counting dead, that Chump can still pull a serious vote. I generally despair for this country, and my 11-year-olds.
C in California

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sal... I'll share your words (so succinct and to the point!), but won't do any linking. Facebook is such a mess the way you can never seem to figure out how it works (or doesn't work!) and then never get a reply or answer. Wish I could offer some words of comfort or encouragement, but I'm fresh out. I fear Townshend was wrong. We WILL get fooled again. And again. And again. And 40% of the people are smiling and laughing as they drink that last drop of Kool-Aid. Fearing the worst; hoping for the best. Anonymous @7:35 AM.

M_Sharp said...

Anonymous 1- He blocked me from seeing his comments before I could post the Andrew Jackson info. I'm certain he thinks it was a good thing, considering his other comments. Then our other cousin, who made the first comment that led to that discussion, deleted everything so almost everyone else in the family couldn't see it.

A Walk In The Woods said...

Amen. Let's try to stay hopeful on the long game - MLK's arc of justice - not only for years to come, which I truly think look more and more progressive, but also on the long game of the next few days. Results are coming in from the Motor City and Arizona and other places that have me hopeful.

Bombshelter Slim said...

Although the counting is still going on (as of 10AM Pacific time), and Biden is still in the lead Electoral College-wise, the fact remains that the Orange Idi Amin has gained (so far) almost 4 1/2 million votes. This isn't going to end well.

FiveGunsWest said...

My alienation from this cUntry is now complete. Since I was a teen I've seen through this crap and most peers did too. Now I'm lucky I know two people with an element of discernment regarding the state of affairs in the U$. I refuse to call it life as this is NOT life, it's live television with millions of people only mentored by television. I feel like your words. I've been a loner most of my life but now see how truly out of step with the world I am. OTOH alienation produces some of the finest art. Americans don't deal well with it, for the most part, hence the suicide rate in this country.

Solidarity bro!

buzzbabyjesus said...

I have a FB friend. We were in Boy Scouts together. We both achieved the rank Of Eagle Scout. He's a Trump guy now. I keep meaning to ask him, as one Eagle Scout to another, "How can you support a guy who fails every bit of the Scout's Law?"

"A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent."

bumppa said...

My disgust at Trump is only exceeded by my disgust at the people who have voted for him. They cannot logically defend their actions. As a group they are ill informed, and ignorant of the issues.
For me the obvious conclusions are that our country is a great deal more racist than we believe, and that again the experts, pundits, pollsters, statisticians and talking heads got it all wrong. They have no clue. Additionally don't ever forget - when it comes to polls - people lie. They lie because it is all part of the media and Trump has totally undermined the credibility of the media. Therefore people lie.
This year is more depressing than 2016. We had one chance to get it right and blew it.

Keep on Sal and remember: The point of music, is to make people feel less lonely.

Anonymous said...

So much is wrong here...

1. America, the supposed home of democracy, where the leader is actively trying to stop people from voting.

2. America, the home of 'impartial justice', where a political party can stack the highest court of the land with sympathisers.

3. America, the home of fairness, where the leader can be chosen by a minority of voters.

I could go on. My point is that the system is broken, and dishonest, uncaring and outright corrupt leadership is an inevitable outcome.

But I still love you!!!!

Shriner said...

I don't like to talk politics on-line (what's the point?) but I've always thought the reality is 45% of the electorate will pull the "D" lever and 45% will pull the "R" lever -- regardless of the candidate -- leaving maybe 10% truly undecided every time and those people actually decide the election results.

Once you realize that "D" and "R" are ingrained in many subsets of the American populace -- it's easier to understand. Reagan/Mondale was really the last outlier from my theory.

I have a theory about the Brontosaurus if you'd like, too...

Sal Nunziato said...

"I don't like to talk politics on-line (what's the point?)"

Is there any point in talking about it in person?

The music will resume tomorrow regardless of the news. But I needed to say this. If it ended up being just for me, well I'm allowed.

Tomorrow, Todd Rundgren plays the best Peter Tosh.

Shriner said...

I do think in person talks about politics lets you "read the room" better to be more civil. But maybe not. Depends on the people having the discussion, I guess.

And where is that Utopia album ranking? :-)

Sal Nunziato said...

"I do think in person talks about politics lets you "read the room" better to be more civil."

I don't disagree. I'm just being cranky.

Anonymous said...

For far way less, W Bush was the most hated man back then and a legion of entertainers lined up to make their opinion clear, even mocking him. I always find hypocritical of many of them, including hugely admired as Sir Paul, of not mentioning anything this time. But I’m afraid they will come out of the shadows once the grabber in chief leaves. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Although I’m (reasonably) certain that legal challenges to Biden’s winning the election will fail and he can start to mitigate in some ways the damage done to the country over the last 4 years, it’s a somber day for me. So very many of my countrymen think that his undisguised racism and amoral character were worthy of a second term. There are too many issues to discuss in a blog post, but we’ve git a long, long road ahead of us.

One thought I had...I think Im going to go out and buy a flag. I want to reclaim the flag as a symbol of fairness, equality, and civic mindedness. Let the racists and the amoral (sizable) minority keep their confederate and nazi flags. I want to take back the American flag and have it stand for the things I aspire to: justice for all, a more equitable economy, and a reckoning with the pervasive racism in our country. And ourselves.

Go ahead and post about Todd, Sal. I promise I’ll listen to this one.


Anonymous said...

Sal, if it is any consolation, this week I found out that someone I have worked with every day for the last four years believes that the US faked the moon landing. It takes all kinds but it's very dispiriting.

Sal Nunziato said...

I still can’t believe both Totie Fields and Kiss were guests on the same Mike Douglas show.

ken49 said...

How about Little Richard and William Buckley on Cavett

Troy said...

I don't talk about this much, but I struggle with anxiety and this election has been difficult. While most everyone else was watching election coverage, I spent last night reading Willie Mays' new memoir and listening to Warren Zevon. Self preservation, I guess.

I did check out some election coverage today, but am done for a few days at least. For the next few days/week, we will be taking care of a dear friend who had pretty major surgery this week. She doesn't have family in the area so she's going to stay with us. Looking forward to pouring my energy into helping my friend rather than getting sucked into political BS on social media.

I wish you all well, peace and reconciliation as needed.

Chris Collins said...

I think about this every day. Honestly

ThroatWarblerMangrove said...

Hey Sal, appreciative inquiry is a management philosophy that looks at, not what’s not working, but what is going right. I’ve known you for 45 years and you’re what’s going right. Thankful to be your friend and don’t stop putting your heart on your sleeve. Looking forward to jamming with you in 2021...2022?

william said...

Exaggerated rhetoric, like 'he said grabem by the pussy!' makes me think you dont care much for context, which is surprising considering your deep musical knowledge. He was talking to billy b. about groupies, about how a man's life can change upon getting fame, he said suddenly you have fame-worshipping girls lined up at your hotel door that did not exist pre-fame, and that yes, you could GBTP and they would be fine with it, which is true. Was he talking about all women, your mother, your colleague?, no, no, and no, he was talking about groupies. The active ignoring of that moment's context makes me think twice about all the hateful rhetoric against Trump.

Sal Nunziato said...



Ken D said...

No matter how this turns out, all I have is a profound disappointment in the citizens of this country.
And I'm angry at myself for believing we could be better.
I mean, just better than hateful and selfish and racist. It's a ridiculously low bar, and still we couldn't get over it.

Thanks, Sal, for briefly opening BW for all these comments. Many good people here.
See you back at the turntable soon.

Anonymous said...

For many, including me, this is truly sad. I live in Australia and really appreciate America, you have given the world so much, not the least of which is music. Sure it's not perfect but what country is? Tragically for the past four years there has been a President who makes George W. look like a positive intellectual. As I write the election is still not decided but the childish comments and outright lies coming from the president are only increasing as is the division he is encouraging. Trump has brought nothing to the presidency, no gravitas, stature, honour or integrity, it's as if he has taken from the presidency the status, priviledge and recognition that justly goes with that position and applied it to himself whilst ignoring the honesty, integrity, trust, maturity and responsibility that also goes with it. Unfortunately that would seem to be in line with his approach to life i.e take as much as I can get. Like others I despair that so many want him back, the world needs America to be great but the issue is what do folk mean when they say great. Some might say to me "what's it to you, we don't need you" but considering China, Russia and the middle east they would be foolish words. I thank you America and wish you God speed, may your greatness be found in truth, honesty, kindness, generosity,peace and unity (also music!).
Brisbane, Australia