Tuesday, February 2, 2021


Following Recent Super-Deluxe Editions And Multi-Format Releases Of Classic Who Albums – ‘My Generation’, ‘Tommy’ And ‘Quadrophenia’, And The Success Of ‘Live At Fillmore’, We Follow With The Who Sell Out – This Set Shaping Up To Be The Most Superlative Of All…!!
Released In December 1967 – The Album Reflected A Remarkable Year In Popular Culture. As Well As Being Forever Immortalised As The Moment When The Counterculture And The ‘Love Generation’ Went Global, 1967 Produced Tremendous Musical Upheavals As “Pop” Metamorphosed To “Rock”.
Originally Planned By Pete Townshend And The Band’s Managers, As A Loose Concept Album Including Jingles And Commercials Linking The Songs Styled As A Radio London Broadcast – Born Out Of Necessity As The Band’s Managers Wanted A New Album And There Weren’t Enough Songs.
The Original Plan Was To Sell Advertising Space On The Album – Jaguar Cars, Coca-Cola Etc. The Jingles Pay Tribute To The Pirate Radio Stations And Expose The Myths Of ‘Pop-Culture’ And Mock Consumer Society – Way Ahead Of Their Time…
The Homage To Pop-Art Is Evident In Both The Advertising Jingles And The Iconic Sleeve Design – Created By David King (Art Director At The Sunday Times) And Roger Law (Who Invented Spitting Image) Producing Four Giant Images For Each Band Member – Odorono Deodorant, Medac Spot Cream, Charles Atlas And Heinz Baked Beans (Roger Apparently Caught Pneumonia From Sitting In The Cold Beans For Too Long).
Photography By Renowned Portrait Photographer David Montgomery (Rare Out-Takes Included)
The Album Is A Bold Depiction Of The Period In Which It Was Made – The Tail-End Of The ‘Swinging-60s’ Meets Pop-Art Mixed With Psychedelia And Straight-Ahead Pop Craft. It’s Glorious Blend Of Classic Powerful Who Instrumentation, Melodic Harmonies, Satirical Lyrical Imagery Crystallised For What Was Only The Group’s Third Album – The Ambition And Scope Is Unrivalled By The Who, Or Any Others From That Period.
Within The Bold Concept, Were A Batch Of Fabulous And Diverse Songs – I Can See For Miles (A Top Ten Hit) Is A Who Classic, Rael, A Townshend ‘Mini-Opera’ With Musical Motifs That Reappeared In Tommy And The Psychedelic Blast Of Armenia City In The Sky And Relax Are Among The Very Best Material Of The 1960s.
One Of The Most Extraordinary Albums Of Any Era – It’s The Who’s Last ‘Pop’ Album. Two Years Later Came Tommy – A Double Concept Album About A Deaf, Dumb And Blind Kid…
“We Were Hoping To Get Free Jaguars. We Got Fifty Tins Of Free Baked Beans”
Pete Townshend
Super-Deluxe Edition
Disc 1 – Original Mono Mix, Mono As & Bs And Unreleased Mono Mixes
Disc 2 – Original Stereo Mix And Stereo Bonus Tracks
Disc 3 – Studio Out-Takes, ‘Fly-On-The-Wall’ Versions Of Early Takes Of Songs From The Album Sessions, ‘Studio Chat’ Etc. – Previously Unreleased
Disc 4 – ‘The Road To Tommy’ Will Contain Stereo Mixes Of The Studio Tracks Recorded In 1968 – Some Previously Unreleased – Plus 1968 As And Bs Mono Mixes (All Tracks Remixed From Original 4 And 8-Track Session Tapes In The Who Vault)
Disc 5 – 14 Of Pete Townshend’s Original Demos – Previously Unreleased & Exclusive To This Set…
Bonus 7” Discs:
Track UK 45 Repro:
Decca USA 45 Repro:
112 Tracks – Many Unreleased!
80-Page, Hard-Back Full-Colour Book, Including Rare Period Photos, Memorabilia &
Track Annotation And New Liner Notes By Pete Townshend
Comments From From Pete Drummond (Radio Caroline DJ), Chris Huston (Talentmasters Studio), Richard Evans (Designer), Roy Flynn (Speakeasy Club Manager), Arnold Schwartzman (Designer) & Andy Neill (Who Biographer)
Nine Posters & Inserts, Including Replicas Of…
20” X 30” Original Adrian George Poster
Gig Poster – City Hall, Newcastle: The Who, Traffic, Tremeloes Etc.
Saville Theatre 8-Page Programme.
Business Card For The Bag O’ Nails Club, Kingly Street.
Fan Club Photo Of Group.
Flyer For Bath Pavilion Concerts Including The Who.
Crack-Back Bumper Sticker For Wonderful Radio London.
Keith Moon’s Speakeasy Club Membership Card
Who Fan Club Newsletter.


cmealha said...

How much are they selling out for?

Sal Nunziato said...

Still no "official" announcement. But it's 7 CDs, 2 singles, hardcover book, posters and a Keith Moon defibrillator. Earliest release date is March 26th, but more like May. Retail £102.00.

hpunch said...

Wow...you weren't consulted in the making of this?

Sal Nunziato said...

I'd be surprised if Pete and Roger were consulted.

cmealha said...

Can you just get the defrebrillator?

Sal Nunziato said...

Fan club preorder.

Chris Collins said...

this may have been made just for you

Anonymous said...

What a mix of greatness and unneeded clutter!

It's a challenge to decide which of all these super deluxe editions that are now coming out (Kinks, Who, Stones, Beatles, Jimi, Dylan, etc) are must haves and at this price are "I'll just pass this time" non purchases.

All the other "Sell Out" editions if expensive were at least affordable. How much of the previously unreleased music on this new edition is going to be indispensable and how much just passable filler?

This is the best and worst time to be a collector. But an exciting time.

Captain Al

Sal Nunziato said...

Captain Al,
I feel exactly as you do. I am always only interested in the music. But with this particular set--my favorite record of all time--I justify it this way:

If a hardcover book was released about The Who Sell Out at $29.99, I'd buy it.
If a TWO- CD set was released with both mono and stereo mixes, as well as bonus tracks for $24.99, I'd buy it.

If a 2 CD set of Pete Demos and oddities was released at $19.99, I'd buy it.

If I saw a Who Sell Out promo package with a bunch of other crap including two relaica 45s for $25, I'd buy it.

This box is one-stop shopping.

On the other hand, if it was the Super Deluxe Edition of "Face Dances," I'd pass.

Anonymous said...

Why Do The Promoters Think That Crazy Captitalization Helps Sell A Product?

- Paul in DK

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Sal. I hope you enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Sal, your correct in your view of this release. "Sell Out" is one of my top 10 albums of all-time. I haven't passed up any editions of it yet. It'll be difficult to pass up, especially after the price comes down six months after it's release.

Vault dumpster diving has become quite the thing for record labels. Ray Davies may be the all-time master at the art of the rerelease.

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

I like the part about the jaguars and baked beans. John Prine got crates of oranges sent to him after releasing "Bruised Oranges" so he named his next album "Pink Cadillac"

Troy said...

@Sal, where's the love for Face Dances? C'mon!! Ah, nah, just kidding...

Seriously, though, you wear your love for this album on your sleeve, and so I hope this new set is all you could have hoped for and more.

buzzbabyjesus said...

The album title is "The Who Sell Out". It's the Deluxe version. What else would you expect?

Ken D said...

fyi, Amazon is asking $130 (!) for the Rhino girl group box set mentioned here the other day.
I'd say this Who package is a good deal by comparison. (But only by comparison.)

Sal Nunziato said...

Ken D.,
That girl group box has been out of print for years. It's a secondary seller on Amazon asking $130, which isnt' terrible. I sold one for $300 a few years back. Though, you can still grab copies on Discogs for $50-75.

A Walk In The Woods said...

Damn, damn, yeah. I agree with your comments above Sal. I don't actually love this album enough to really take the full plunge.... I think.

But MAN do I love me some Who, and even more almost, love me some Pete demos.....................

Sal Nunziato said...

"I don't actually love this album enough to really take the full plunge..."

You're a brave man, A Walk In The Woods.