Tuesday, March 21, 2023

I'll Take, "Sorry Mr. Bradlee, This Is The Best I've Got For $60," Mayim."


Scrolling through Google news on my phone can occasionally return some interesting news. For instance, there is an article about the truth behind the Marx Brothers downfall, if anyone has been thinking about that for the last 70 years. I also found out that Ronnie Radke responded to Spiritbox dropping off the "Falling In Reverse" tour. Don't believe me? Here.  See for yourself.



Plus, did anyone hear about that thing that is so delicious you'll want to cook it everyday? Not only that, your neighbors will ask for the recipe! Honest! It's that good. Look!

Oh, and please be careful in and around Detroit. 



I know everyday can't be a big news day. Just scroll through the last 12 years of this blog for proof. But if Billboard's list of Taylor Swift's 100 best songs isn't stretching the soup, how about the 50 Most Important Posthumous Albums? Not exactly click bait if your photo shows Eric Carr, Eddie Money and a lousy, all but forgotten B-52's record.

So what makes today's post from me any better? Absolutely nothing. 

Now excuse me. I want to fire up the oven and make one of those delicious round things with the knife in it.


soundsource said...

so delicious looks like a knish to me

steve simels said...

I know the feeling Sal, as witness the subject of todays PowerPop post.😎

Christine said...

Here's what I've been wondering for 50 years - what is the correct pronunciation of "knish"?

daudder said...

The Marx Bros article was quite interesting...:)

Anonymous said...

Every day!

M_Sharp said...

Be careful when you cook that thing, It looks like they're using the knife to kill it!

Anonymous said...

This post was as enjoyable as your Saturday Photo Dumps.

Please continue!


Anonymous said...

AC/DC may be enjoyable but important?…..Trelegy and Social Security are important….who makes these lists?

jonder said...

I'll take "Delicious Knishes" for 200, Alex.