Tuesday, February 27, 2024


I've been a little overwhelmed lately, so apologies for the lack of content.

I hope you enjoy looking at this photo as much as I do.

Back soon.


Anonymous said...

Johnny and Joey. Not THE Johnny and Joey, but a dang fine match, nonetheless.
C in California

Noel M said...

Great photo. Hope your week gets better Sal!

Marc said...

I could swear I just saw that photo (or one taken at the same time) in my FB feed, like yesterday.

Sal, no need to apologize for a day off - you give us plenty of good content around here!


Jimbo said...

Stay safe man, Go out and enjoy the sun on your face, put live and dangerous on the turntable, crank it up to 11 and air guitar to emerald. The content can wait thats what Joe Strummer would do, Johhny cash would say enjoy life.

steve simels said...

Take it easy, pal — you deserve it.

Michael Giltz said...

Self care! Do it.